Back Fence Publishing has a need to alert Primary & Middle School teachers, as well as grade school parents, tutors, etc. of material completely missing from all existing math curricula.  This need to alert is as important academically as it is commercially.  If we don't send email alerts, no one knows this critical math material is not only missing from all other sources, but is available through us.  This means we must send out some quantities of email alerts.

Back Fence Publishing is keenly aware of the enormous amounts of unwanted spam annoying and inconveniencing people as they try and get on with their daily work.  We do not send out any additional email concerning other commercial items or editorial comments.  We do not sell these lists to any other parties.  In every email we send out, it is we who are directly writing to the party addressed .  Back Fence Publishing is simply applying an email/internet policy as was originally envisioned by those in the scientific/academic community to work for the betterment of children's education.  We use a local commercial server which is also dedicated to maintaining legitimate commercial practices.   


These email alerts are tailored, as much as possible, to be a one-time or seasonal events (i.e. the beginning of the school year).  By simply deleting the message sent, you will most likely have heard the last of us.  It is therefore not necessary to unsubscribe from a list which will be used only once or at the most - twice.  By law, however, our server provides a unsubscribe link in each email.  We will be happy to add the addresses from all who request this action to our internal no-contact list.


If an email has a 'do not reply to this email' written on it, it will also have an active email address right next to it .  The reason for this is the commercial server is the vehicle actually sending the emails, not us.  The return address of the 'reply' is simply for automatic unsubscribe, not messages.    They do not store or forward conversational emails to us.   If you want to correspond with us, click on the highlighted real email right next to it.  


These emails are sent, in the main, to schools and other educational entities around the United States and Canada.  The purpose of these email alerts is to let teachers and parents know of the 3/5ths of all grade school children currently getting Cs, Ds and Fs in arithmetic, nearly all of them should be getting As and Bs, only.  They are not getting As and Bs, because critical math information has been left out of every curriculum in use in all schools.  This is not only appalling but we think this is extremely important information to get out to the public.  Sound education in mathematics, at an early age, is critical to the development of self-esteem and trust of logic, which in turn are the keystones of any society claiming to be civilized.  Back Fence Publishing thinks teachers and parents would want to know that their children's futures are being sabotaged in this most important facet of their education - that the problem with dismal math literacy is not in the children, but in provably deficient math curricula used by schools across the country.