A Gnostic Ghost Story


"Two Ghosts from Palestrina"

By Archangelo da Del Grazio


A Gnostic Ghost Story, by Archangelo da Del Grazio is a most unusual ghost story.   It is the first ghost story written in the terms and framework of a Gnostic Cosmos.    What is Gnosticism?   Gnosticism was long considered to be merely the earliest forms and definition of heresy within the Judeo-Christian church.  All evidence of its writings and teachings were destroyed by the Judeo-Christian church from the 4th century on.   For centuries, 'what the Church said about Gnosticism' was the only information available and this sole source has always been considered to be both highly dubious and a frustration to scholars.   As a result, little was known of it, and that which was known was thoroughly confusing to scholars.  It has been an impenetrable subject to most casual readers.   In 1945,  a  large cache of early Gnostic documents was discovered at Nag Hammadi, Egypt.    Since that date, scholars and archeologists have uncovered more and more information and a much clearer picture exists concerning the people and beliefs that shaped the 1st through 4th century Roman metaphysical world.  It is now fair to say the hitherto unthinkable; "That Gnostic thought may more accurately reflect the true original state of Christianity than that which came down through the bible and the centuries of well-documented tyrannical Church censorship." 

Da Del Grazio has composed a mesmerizing and lyrical ghost tale of a Vatican priest, accidentally killed in liberation of Rome during the World War II .  When the priest regains awareness on the other side,  he finds he is stranded in a place that is not at all like the one he had been led to expect from his Catholic upbringing and clerical training.   With the help of an ancient Roman ghost, he gradually unravels the true nature of the Cosmos he now inhabits and comes face-to-face with the original Christianity.  As he learns the shocking reason why and how the original Christianity was changed into the modern form of  Judeo-Christianity, he also begins a journey into the beauty and mystery of an astonishing Cosmos the Judeo-Christians never understood and sought to silence.

A Gnostic Ghost Story will educate, and shock - even stun readers, but it will also charm and amuse them.   Too often, stories on this topic simply seek to demean and destroy Christianity.   This book is not an exercise in the unrelieved gloom and cynicism of a more typical gothic novel.   It weaves together both light and dark episodes, deep philosophical musings and flights of Olympian fantasy all held together by the sturdy thread of quiet humor.  This book is definitely not for the timid, dogmatic soul, however.   Da Del Grazio writes to those whose passion is to seek the Truth.  Da Del Grazio is offering evidence for the existence of  a far grander and older Love of the Cosmos and suggesting it is time for all to reconsider what the words 'love, truth and religion' really mean.  The author gradually builds a more complete and modern picture of what a mature Gnosticism would look like had it had the same opportunity to grow and flourish as Judeo-Christianity enjoyed.   A Gnostic Ghost Story is both a wonderful uplifting story and a clear exposition of what Gnosticism is really about.  It strips away all the fluff and gets to the meat of the religion and one cannot help but find it to be very attractive.   It is quite probable the reader has never read a story like this and it just may become a classic of Western Literature.

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